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Energy Wicks

Sacred Smudge Candle by Energy Wicks

Sacred Smudge Candle by Energy Wicks

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A grounding and purifying candle perfect for your next smudging ritual. Aromatherapy and crystals meet in this specially crafted smudging candle. With a blend of amethyst, black tourmaline, selenite and lavender fragrance, this candle will help to clear your energy and set the tone for your sacred space. Enjoy the benefits of smudging with this beautiful and powerful candle.



Black Tourmaline will help cleanse and purify your energy, as well as transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. Not only does it have spiritual benefits, but black tourmaline also has physical benefits – it can be used to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.  


Selenite is a powerful crystal for spiritual work. It has the ability to cleanse and clear other crystals, as well as negative energies in your environment or body- it's not just good at cleansing you!


Amethyst is a stone of calmness; it can help relieve stress and strain to make you feel more relaxed. It also has calming effects on mood swings, so your feelings won't be all over the place! Amethyst's ability fertilizes spiritual awareness while opening intuition in some people which allows them enhanced psychic abilities such as remote viewing or intuitive thoughts about future events


The smoke from dried sage plants has been used in rituals to call upon ancestral spirits and absorb any conflict, anger or illness. The shamans would take this for a spiritual cleansing before entering into their sacred space so that they could create an environment free from negative energies which would help them heal quicker than if there was no attempt made at all.




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