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Rolled Leather Dog Collar by GROOMY

Rolled Leather Dog Collar by GROOMY

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Rolled Leather Collar

Premium Genuine Leather

Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Premium Quality Rolled Leather Collar: 100% genuine leather. For optimal comfort and durability, this rolled leather dog collar is constructed from real soft leather. For breeds with long hair, groomers typically advise rolled leather collars. Traditional flat collars cause skin tags to develop on your puppy's neck. Dog collars made of rounded leather prevent matting.

Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Heavy Duty Alloy D-Ring: The heavy-duty buckle and D-ring on this rolled dog collar made of leather and coiled rope are built to last. The soft leather collar is also narrow enough to accommodate any name tag. The ideal fusion of fashion, superior quality, and comfort can be found in handmade leather dog collars and puppy collars. These leather collars are soft, flexible, fashionable, and pleasant for both adult dogs and pups.

Rolled Leather Dog Collar

All Size Available: This dog collar is available in a range of sizes for both small and large dogs. This rolled dog collar is made to accommodate dogs with necks measuring 10 to 20 inches. For the best fit, please take measurements and consult the size guide below before making a purchase.


All Size Available for Small to Large

 Size Collar Width Adjustable Range
S 1.5cm/0.59" 25cm-31cm/9.84"-12.2"
M 2.0cm/0.78" 34cm-42cm/13.4"-16.5"
L 2.5cm/0.98" 42cm-50cm/16.5"-19.7"



Frequently Asked Questions


Are collars made of rolled leather suitable for dogs?

Rolling leather collars are excellent for dogs, yes. They are not only strong and extremely long-lasting, but they are also excellent for dogs with longer fur since they will reduce matting. However, if your dog has a history of tugging on the lead, we advise choosing a different material because persistent pulling will reduce the quality of the leather.

Which is preferable, a harness or a collar?

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it really comes down to personal taste. While harnesses are excellent for controlling and supporting young dogs and pups, your dog's coat is more likely to matt as a result. If you want to wear this on your dog for extended amounts of time and they have longer fur, a collar is a preferable choice.

How should a dog collar be measured?

1. You will need a cotton measuring tape to start.

2. The next step is to gauge the diameter of your dog's neck.

3. Ensure that the tape is snug but not painfully so.

4. To get the greatest fit, increase the original measurement by two inches.
For a secure fit, make sure you can slip two fingers between the collar and your dog.

5. Additionally, make an effort to routinely assess if your dog's collar still fits him correctly and make changes as needed.


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