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Dog & Cat Food Container - Large Capacity & Foldable by GROOMY

Dog & Cat Food Container - Large Capacity & Foldable by GROOMY

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Dog & Cat Food Container

12.5L Capacity & Foldable

Easy to Use & Store Dog Food Container: This dog food cabinet has a transparent cover design. In addition, they have a variety of sizes ranging from a 50lb dog food container to a 30 lb dog food container. The pet food scoop makes it seamless to get food from food storage containers.

Foldable Large Dog & Cat Food Container: When you fold the food container, it is simple to store. Non-toxic plastic without BPA. Ideal as a container for flour, grains, nuts, and rice, as well as dry dog food, cat treats, and bird seed.

Airtight & Moisture-proof Pet Food Container: If you are thinking of large airtight containers, then our pet containers are the best- no icky flavors in your pantry. Bins for storing dog food include airtight closures to keep out dust, insects, and moisture. This helps it dry off and keep the pet food fresh.

Super Capacity 12.5L & Space Saving: The dog food container is made to be collapsible and adjustable in size to keep the dry food for your beloved pets. Whether you want a dog food container 50 lbs or a dog food container 40 lbs, our containers have a large capacity, meaning more storage.

Unfolded size: 17.7"L x 12.9"W x 14.7"H, 23Qt, is a suitable container for dog food, which can store 30 pounds of dog food or 55 pounds of rice.

Folded size: 17.7"L x 12.9"W x 6.2"H, 6Qt, can hold about 13 pounds of dog or cat food or 16 pounds of rice, saving space and making it easier to take out dry food.


Dog & Cat Food Storage

Detail Descriptions

- These pet containers are foldable and mostly composed of PP, with a layer of flexible TRP material—a non-toxic, food-grade substance devoid of BPA—in the centre. More durable than many other containers, attractive, and robust. Additionally, it works with flour. It can be used as an extra-large food container that may be used to store various items or as a stackable dog food container.

- Additionally, it may be used for nuts, cereals, flour, and even dog food. What's more? You can get stackable pet food containers to store different types of pet food. They are also strong enough to hold non-food items like toys, sundries, office materials, and other items.

- With four side-locking lids and a silicone gasket, these handy food containers guarantee optimal freshness and longer food storage by efficiently and snugly closing the containers. It can keep out any pests, even wetness.

- On the inside of the lid, there is a desiccant card slot where you may install a desiccant to thwart moisture infiltration further. Let yourself be happy while you cook. This container is the perfect gift for any family because it comes in a lovely box and includes a good measuring cup.

- Clear lids simplify the opening of the huge lid and make it easier to view what's within. The container has two wheels at the bottom for convenient mobility. The centre of the container has a TRP material layer that enables free conversion between high capacity and small capacity.


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